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Mfw the city I voted for gets taken out of the poll

mfw i see yfw i deleted the city you voted for

Team Info and other OVR's will be posted tomorrow, or tonight, if everybody gets their's done.

Also poll updated again! Yay!

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Lol it was more of a geographic comment. Assuming if Arizona is dissolved then team is west right?

Lol yea we'd be in the Pacific Division. Quebec is just for Name's sake cause you have to put something in and there's no custom option.

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First Name: Jay

Last Name: Vrienzy
Position: LW
Jersey Number: 17
Handedness: Left
Birth Year: 96
Birth Month: May
Birth Day: 12
City: Niagara Falls
Country: Canada
Height: 6'6
Weight: 235
Gender: M
Race: Caucasian

Player Type: Power Forward
Fighting: Often

Attribute Points: 856

Speed: 35
Body Checking: 40
Endurance: 30
Puck Control: 30
Passing: 30
Slapshot Power: 49
Slapshot Accuracy: 49
Wristshot Power: 49
Wristshot Accuracy: 49
Agility: 27
Strength: 40
Acceleration: 35
Balance: 35
Faceoffs: 25
Durability: 35
Deking: 40
Aggressiveness: 40
Poise: 30
Hand-eye: 30
Shot Blocking: 10
Offensive Awareness: 49
Defensive Awareness: 49
Discipline: 22
Fighting Skill: 40
Stick Checking: 23

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