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Fix Logjam/Cap space(Proposal)

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Would say the Canes seem a pretty good trade partner, for some repeat business.

Hockey'sCap has them at about 61mill/21 players-lots of cap space.

Long term, wonder how they're doing financially? With Staal coming up for a re-sign, bet they'd like to dump a pricey vet, or two.

So we send them some young potential, & expiring contracts.

Van: Prust, Sbisa, Vey, Baertschi(8 mill total, this season), 2016 1st rounder(top 5 protected/shift to 2017, otherwise)

Canes: (LW & RW'er), Jeff Skinner(they retain 500k per season), & Haydn Fleury

-No idea what they'd want for Skinner, but he's had concussion issues. Four yrs left x 5.75 mill. We'd cover 5.2, per yr.

-If injuries hit him again, we've got Shinkaruk for some insurance on wings.

-They just drafted Hanifin(another LHD), so might deem Fleury worth grabbing another 1st rounder

Essentially they add about 3.5 mill to their cap, this yr-however they dump a 24 million dollar LT-commitment.

A 3 or 4 skater for 1, would sure simplify our roster. Surprisingly Skinner's still only 23 yrs old.

Daniel - Henrik - Burrows

Skinner - Bo Horvat - Vrbata

Higgins - Sutter - Hansen

Gaunce - Cracknell - Dorsett

Virtanen/ McCann (give 'em both 9 & probably keep only 1; if both excel, perhaps demote Cracker)

D: Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Weber

Hutton - Biega

Bartkowski - Corrado

Sbisa drives me nuts-like the Scarecrow from 'Wizard Of Oz'.

We sacrifice next yr's 1st, but soon will have Edler, Hutton & Fleury patrolling the left side.

The whole shebang would leave us with about 3 mill in available cap space.

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The Canes are doing the same thing as the Canucks. Why would they give up one of their best building blocks for the future? Especially when all you're willing to give up is a load of flotsam and jetsam.

They have some good young D, and the best back up goalie in the league. A nice start I'd say.

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It's a good start. I doubt the canes give up Fleury, if they do they will probably want McCann or Virtanen going the other way.

I like Skinner though I know injuries and his contract are issues, but he's only 23 and has a ton of skill, if Benning can get him I'd be happy.

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