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Corrado claimed by Leafs :(


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Weren't Canuck fans demanding management make desiciions based on play.

Corrado has sucked ! This is exactly what we asked for. He isn't better than any Dman on our roster. He got outplayed by a college kid who fully deserves to be here.

I had big hopes for Frankie but how he has played the last 2 season has been super disappointing. A tweener who is not good at anything but average at everything.

I wish him the best.

Good for management!

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We pick players up. We lose players. Corrado I watched in Penticton and I was not impressed with him against his peers. To small and too slow. Canucks have iced a very good team , Just like last year. They improved their core=check. They added youth=check. Players earned spots=check. I don't see any scenario where Linden Vey comes back or Corrado could be an improvement on the depth Canucks have added. Canucks will get 100 plus points this year. But I feel they could be higher than last years team.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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