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[Trade] Kings AHL MVP Brian O'Neill to New Jersey

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LAK get conditional 7th-rd pick for Brian O'Neill going to NJD. O'Neill was AHL MVP last season. Conditions relate to GP/re-signing.


Devils acquire AHL MVP ONeill from Kings http://t.co/vFUTU5k2Mu

...well there you have it, everyone calm down lol.

It feels like the subject has already been talked to death but I really don't think Corrado has done anything in the past two seasons to prove he deserves to be on the team. He did great in the 2013 playoffs. Cool. That was now three seasons ago. Since then hes bounced around as the 7th or 8th d-man in the organization unable to stick while being given multiple opportunities to. The team even effectively gave up Clendening in favor of him. The spot was his to lose this preseason and guess what, he lost it.

If Corrado gets nabbed off waivers, it sucks. He's a good piece of our organization and I definitely don't want to lose him for nothing, especially with our D-depth the way it looks. That being said, I think it sends a really strong message to everyone on the team that Linden and Benning aren't ???? around. You don't play up to speed you're on a bus back to Utica whether you need waivers or not. While that might seem like a terrible way to lose pieces of your foundation, if there was any time to do it it would be now. Crossing my fingers hoping Corrado squeeks through somehow, but its about time this organization grew some balls and stopped congratulating stagnancy, which is exactly what we've seen from Corrado over the past two years. And this goes for anyone on our roster- young and old.

Vets beware, rookies beware. Bennings out for blood.


...the Kings got a conditional 7th for the AHL MVP. No one would pay a higher price than that for Corrado who hasn't shown anything special. Not great at any 1 thing. Kudos the Kings get a conditional 7th but lol @ those who will lose sleep over waiving Frankie. He got outplayed for the 3rd year in a row.

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Jason Krog.

Actually reminds me of Vey, who we traded a 2nd for. Looks like we overpaid.

Meanwhile, it's strange how some rookies get an infinite pass, while others are happily shown the door. Even stranger how that both situations can land on the same player at different times. They're rookies, remember? Guess not.

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but we were oversold on Vey.

True that, although I'm still confident that he has already played more NHL games than half of the 2nd round picks will. So far we are winning the deal and he is still in our organization. Good news is we can call him up as needed for up to 10 games before risking him again.
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Don't really get the comparisons made between O'Neill and Corrado.

Corrado is 22, and defenseman are more prone to late development, and nearly made the cut, has some NHL experience under his belt.

O'Neill is 27, tiny, undrafted, no NHL experience at all, and one really amazing AHL season out of 3 and a bit.

Not saying Corrado could've fetched a conditional 7th or not, but this is a pretty weak comparison.

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