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Burger King's Black Halloween Burger Is Turning People's Poop Green


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Will you guys try the black Halloween burger? Surely, this is extremely healthy.

As if eating a black bun wasn't horrifying enough, Burger King's highly-publicized Halloween Whopper is apparently causing a fright to customers' digestive systems.

Multiple Twitter accounts are claiming that the A1 sauce-infused concoction is resulting in a colorful, albeit Halloween thematic bowel movement.


Dear @BurgerKing, yesterday I ate a Halloween whopper and now the color of my poop is blue green. Where my brown poo?

I ate a Halloween whopper just to see if my poop turned green and it DID

Incase anyone wanted to know, the Halloween Whopper turns your poop green. And not even sickly green. Like cartoon green. Comical green.

Yo @BurgerKing your Halloween Whopper turned my poop SUUUUPER green! It was bomb tho.


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