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I see the Canucks finishing outside of the playoffs between 85-90 points. Unless the young guys have exceptional seasons, and we get extraordinary goaltending or we ride a high PDO. Here are some popular predictions floating around:

Stephen Burtch (Sportsnet):



Micah Blake McCurdy:




Canucks 13th in the West; 6th in the Pacific (miss the playoffs)


Corey Pronman:








VAN (be gentle Canucks fans)


Hockey Graphs:

Canucks miss the playoffs



Michael Russo:

Canucks finish 9th


Larry Fisher (the hockey writers):

Canucks finish 13th


John Garrett:

Western Conference
1. Anaheim 2. St. Louis 3. Chicago 4. Los Angeles 5. Vancouver 6. Nashville 7. Calgary 8. Dallas
I'm sure there are a lot more predictions that I have missed - this was just a sample. Feel free to add more.
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My main reason for voting no is that all it takes to submarine their chances is an injury to Miller, which I think will happen at some point. Markstrom hasn't proven anything at the NHL level.

I agree, although I am fairly optimistic about Markstrom. I'm concerned about the thinnest of scoring depth up front. I like the young guys but they are too much of an unknown this year. I think we will take a step back in goals for this year and if one of the Sedins goes down it will be devastating.

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I watched John Tortorella make hockey a chore to watch 2 seasons ago.

Playoffs or not, win or lose it'll be fun to watch this year and I can support that.

I hate torts don't get me wrong but what are you talking about? Up till mid January that was such entertaining hockey...

Only person with a brain on the OP is John Garrett.

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It could go either way. With so many new players, there will be growing pains this season. A bumpy ride for sure, but will still be fun to watch.

I will be ok if they don't make the playoffs. I hope they realize it before trade deadline though. I would be estatic if they could somehow pick up Chychrun. Icing on the cake.

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Like last year, there are many questions surrounding the team. But considering:

1. The core vets are still in place

2. Horvat is past his rookie season and taking over the #2 pivot

3. Kassian and Bieksa gone (addition by subtraction)

4. Improvement on the back end -- mobility, puck-moving

5. Injection of youth and speed, enthusiasm

6. Second year for Willie in NHL

I see the team as better than last year, and that others in the division (and conference) have not improved enough to overtake us. San Jose is still in trouble, Winnipeg is still in transition and their youth look less-ready than ours, Edmonton is still a mess but McClellan could get them going eventually, and it's yet to be seen how Hamilton goes in Calgary as he's no sure-fire #1 franchise D-man at this point. More improvement is likely in teams like Minnesota and Dallas.

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Secondary scoring will again produce a playoff spot or not. The twins are older and they're point totals will no doubt take a slide. There is Vrabata and perhaps Sutter who will add points yes, but after them who's left... the Kids... that's who.

If the young ones score continually at moderate paces throughout the season, then we will make it. Markstrom (Another Kid) looks like he's is catching up to his potential, if this is the case, then again the playoffs will be in the books.

I believe, if our turn at "Luck" comes around... we may even win a playoff round or two... but Luck will have to play a part.

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I don't think we're going to be exciting to watch, but I do think we're going to win a lot of close games just like last year. I don't think teams at the top aren't going to separate themselves as much as they have in recent years. 96 pts could be the cut off for the playoffs and I think we could hit that mark again this year.

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I think we will. Canucks have shown that they are a good regular season club. Had we not faltered in the first round of the playoffs we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'm just hoping the tweaks done by management will help us post season!

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