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I wouldn't be surprised if we just miss them this year. The only way we make it is if horvat, and another one of the young forwards turns into a 20-30 goal scorer this year. I bet we deal hamhuis and vrbata at the deadline and we fall back a bit after that. But I'm okay with it. Get couple good draft picks, plus a decent one with where we finish, and still have 2-3 years to develop our prospects into impact players. Really excited for the Canucks 3-4 years down the road.

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I am confident this year will surprise CDC. Canucks will finnish a little higher than last year. Los Angelos still won't make the play-offs. Los Angelos has internal problems that won't go away.San Jose prob won't make it either. Vancouver is still better than Calgary , Edmonton and they will beat the teams they need to beat this year to keep there spot . I see the Canucks winning their division, Only because they improved at almost every depth position this year. Bonnino= too slow. Vey too smallish and slow. Mathias too inconsistent. Bieska too slow. If we get some back end scoring plus a couple 3 on 3 games the sedins could easily eclipse the 80 point platform. ( which I feel they have suffered from back end support as well as second line scoring ) thus they have always been paired against the other teams top two.

Love what this management crew has done.

I ONLY WISH THAT BEFORE THE PLAY-OFFS STARTED. That they spend a week reviewing all the projections and predictions for the season. And like players we give announcers a resume. Ie John Garrett shoots his predictions at 33% (just a guess for my point) and John says......... Bob Mckenzie who was 27% accurate last year says............. Might get some people trying to pick according to stats not ratings.

The haters

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