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Wind Power is now the Cheapest Electricity to Produce in both Germany and the U.K


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If you care about birds you will outlaw the keeping of house cats. Responsible for the killing of over 1 billion birds a year in the US alone. A billion a year. House cats are predators that never stop hunting, they dont need the food yet they keep hunting and killing. Add in the insane numbers of other animals they hunt and kill and its a slaughterhouse out there. I found this out on a recent trip to Florida where there are ads on TV by the state Gov asking people to keep their cats inside at all times.

The Tesla Powerwall will be available around the end of the year.


a 220lb wall mounted battery.. Need to hire a structural engineer just to hang the darn thing...

But I will take two.

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well we make them here and we are one of the only countries not buying are own wind turbines!!!!!!!!!

Canada is a world leader in wind power generation. We have a capacity of about 10000MW vs Germany's 40,000MW, but Germany has a much higher population.


Per capita Canada is way up there. Alberta may be the highest in the world.

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