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Good Woman with a Gun Shoots Up Home Depot Parking Lot


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Good woman with a gun shoots up Home Depot parking lot trying to take down suspected shoplifters

Police in Auburn Hills, Michigan are investigating an attempted shooting at a Home Depot, where a 47-year-old woman with a concealed carry permit tried to shoot a fleeing shoplifter, WXYZ reports.

According to authorities, the woman witnessed a man exiting the Home Depot while being followed by loss prevention officers. The man attempted to flee in a small, dark sport utility vehicle, at which point the woman pulled out her concealed 9mm handgun and opened fire in the Home Depot parking lot.

She fired repeatedly, and police believe one of the bullets struck and flattened the SUV’s tire — but the suspects, described as two males in their 40s, one white and one black, still escaped. The woman is said to be cooperating with police, who are still deciding whether to charge her for shooting up a Home Depot parking lot to stop a suspected shoplifter

According to police, there were many people in the parking lot when the woman shot at the fleeing SUV. A police spokeswoman told a WXYZ reporter that “the best thing that anybody who witnesses or thinks they’re witnessing a crime could do for us is gather information, write down information, provide it to the officers when they arrive.”


Thank goodness this woman was there to almost put a stop to this heinous crime. I'm sure the populace of that town are glad that such a smart and brave women like her can carry a concealed weapon, obviously for the protection of everyone around her.

But seriously, lol. And the fact that police have to decide whether or not to press charges is ludicrous, she opened fire in a crowded area at petty thieves, how is she in any way legally justified in her actions?

Classic America.

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In before pro-gun people use this as an excuse for bigger more automatic weapons. "If that lady had a fully automatic assault weapon then this dangerous shoplifter would have been given the justice he deserves"

The fact that this lady feels the need to hold a concealed weapon when shopping at Home Depot says something about the culture that American's have created.

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With her aim, it seems she needs a shotgun. The concealed carry part could be awkward though. Maybe disguise the thing as an umbrella?

And dang straight this women needs to be charged, if the police don't then everyone at the scene should sue for emotional distress or whatever will stick in civil court.

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Yet another failure with guns in America. I hope she is charged. This woman is not the police nor security. Yes, your amendment gives you the right to bear arms, but she had no right to start shooting her weapon in a parking lot - she could have killed an innocent bystander or maybe even one of those shop lifters. Unless they were attacking you, or maybe if they were attacking someone else, then sure - fire away in "self defense".

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