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[PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1


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Bart and Hammer looked smooth.

Tanev a great safeguard to allow Hutton to jump up.

Edler given a challenge to step into a more responsible dman.

Sedins did Sedin stuff.

3rd line contributed

4th line was responsible

2nd line could use a bit of work, but not a lot.

Oh, and the Bruins seemingly looking like geniuses for 'letting an asset go'. Corrado scratched tonight btw.

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B-b-b-b-but I thought the Sedins were declining? I thought Sutter was a 3rd line centre at most? I thought Miller was garbage? I thought the o' so mighty Flames were going to wipe the floor with us this year? I thought Hamilton was the second coming of Jesus Christ?

EDIT: Suck my ???? d*** media. I know it's only one game but Christ with the way people were talking I figured we should lose every game 10-0.

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