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Florida Panthers Sellout opening night


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Peter Luukko most likely has a lot to do with this. They brought him in this year from the Flyers organization where he was instrumental in marketing and sales.

Owners as others have mentioned stopped giving away tickets last season and are determined to make it work in FLA. Vinny Viola is also willing to allow Tallon to spend to get what he needs. They wouldn't have brought Lu back otherwise.

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This isn't that abnormal. Season openers often get higher attendances. Two years ago the Panthers actually had an even higher sellout attendance to open the season at 19,688 and they dominated that game in a 5-1 win.

It likely won't last though. You have to keep in mind it is a different culture there. With Florida in general sports are more of a social event and just something to do to keep the rotation of free time fresh. It is literally like going to the movies. If the team loses people just kind of move on. As opposed to Vancouver or really any large sports market where sports are more of a lifestyle where people feel a need to follow it and invest in it emotionally.

Manny Ramirez the former baseball player had a lot of Boston fans turn on him after he remarked on the difference in sports culture from LA to Boston saying he disliked how Boston fans happiness relied on a team winning or losing. That LA type of interest is similar to how Florida's is. They will come around in bunches during special events/playoffs etc. but they won't ever be a die hard type fan base.Especially with hockey given hockey culture isn't that big in Florida.

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Long way from this hahapanthers-arena.jpg

Ekblad is the real deal...I think that draft year is going to be like the '03 year. He was 2 points off of Doughty

Ekblad really is their franchise/norris d-man and not even 20 yet. And they got a ton of good forward prospects

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