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Ranking The Cdn Teams

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Two part question, regarding the Canadian squad's rankings. Which teams have the best chance to finally bring the Cup back to Canada(either this yr, or next)?..2nd part is which Cdn entry is best, long-term(best collection of young NHLer's, & prospects/picks)?

Cup soon:

Mtl, Ott, Winn, Cal, Van, Edm, TO.

Best team in about 5, 6 yrs:

Winn, Cal, Van, Edm, Ott, TO, Mtl.

Second question is very difficult(highly speculative). I'd like to hear info on Cdn team prospect pools, so please elaborate, if so inclined.

Probably controversial to place the Jets 1st, but I hear they have a great collection of prospects. Also assuming they may deal some key UFA's, & perhaps add more young talent.

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I think Winnipeg and Vancouver have the best prospect pools/group of young players that haven't established themselves as full time NHLers. These two teams will be contenders if their young players can step into the NHL while their current cores players are still fringe first line/second line players.

Edmonton, Ottawa and Calgary have a good group of young players who have already made the NHL. I see Ottawa and Calgary as wild card teams. I don't think they can replicate last year's success now that other teams in the NHL see them as threats. Edmonton has been "ready to breakout" for years but done anything even after so many 1st overall picks.

Montreal is built to win now and they'll do well as long as they have Price. They also have high end players in Subban, Pacioretty and Galchenyuk.

Toronto is Toronto. Babcock is overrated imo. Most coaches could make the playoffs every year if they had Nicklas Lidstrom on their team. Since Lidstrom's departure, Detroit has been a middle of the pack team. They can make all the improvements they want off ice (Shanahan, Lou, Babcock) but at the end of the day you win or lose with the players you ice and right now they look like a group of rejects from other teams. They have an ok group of prospects but they're going to need a lot more if they want to be serious contenders.

Ranking right now: Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Toronto

Ranking in 5-6 years: Winnipeg, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto

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Montreal, unfortunately obviously, has the best chance.

Galchenyuk, Subban, Price!

They will be good for the next 5 years anyways!

Calgary is 2knd. Monahan, Gaudreau, Bennett, Hamilton, Brodie & now Gio is locked in. Goaltending?

Ottawa might be next. Hoffman & Stone are not elite, but bloody close. Karlsson is! Turris is serviceable but Zib and O'Connor could join in & they would be on their way?

I wonder about Winnipeg? I think a bit of their core might just be too old. How do they transition Ladd, Little, Buff & Wheeler into secondary rolls? And not enough of their young guys have gotten as far yet. Burmistrov might be the glue that brings them together. Edmonton obviously has some firepower to develop. Who will get to elite as a team though?

I don't see Van getting to a cup soon. I do see them as being a consistent play off team most of the next 5 years.

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Well, been a year since I first entered this thread.


Gonna have to try this question, simply for the Cdn teams in 2016~17. Based on points finish. Strongest to weakest:


1- Mtl

2- Van

3- Ott

4- Winn

5- Edm

6- Cal

7- TO


Many Cdn entries seem to have questionable 'tending(or D) this season. Should play to our advantage.

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