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Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs


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Nice idea, I love it! Surprised this hasn't been thought of before, but as we know, it is a copy cat league so before long other teams will likely adopt this as well

Yup. I can totally see other teams without well established goal songs adopting the idea as well.

I voted for The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now?"

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I believe this was a fairly common thing several decades ago, but it was something left in the hands of the guy who was the organ player/sound guy in each arena.

Sometimes it was done to great effect, other times not. In the not category: Jim Mair was always hit with a rendition of "The Old Grey Mare" each time he scored.

Perhaps it will be better with the music under the player's control (with team consent).



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Wow I love vrby even more. That's a class move and pays respect to us fans.

It's a shame there's a bunch of gutless lunatics asking for him to be traded based on a pointless preseason line up comment.

Where do we vote for vrbys song?

you gotta go to the news article http://canucks.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=783025&navid=DL|VAN|home and comment your vote with a video of the song

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