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Radio Reporters doing Ads / Campaigns for political parties live on air


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Good Morning,

I had a question regarding radio reporters (from News 1130, AM 730, etc) and if they are allowed to advertise for political parties at the end of their report live on air. In addition this would be the same party they are doing the ad for each time.

So a reporter does their report and at the end they do an ad for a political party as opposed to a normal ad for a business, store, organization etc. Aren't political ads like this supposed to only be done on air by the party themselves and not the reporter?

I would appreciate if anyone has any insight on this.


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Yeah I agree its an AD but a political one, I would have thought those ad's shouldn't be done live on air by the reporter them self but instead have a normal none live broadcast ad done by the party itself.

I agree but the flow of money dictates that mainstream media be controlled by large corporations and the governments they lobby. They in turn are protecting their stockholders, which includes you and I.

It is quite interesting to see it in action, really. The extra long campaign wasn't so much to keep Harper in, but to make sure the Ndp stay out, since large corporations across the nation were scared out of their pants when the Ndp took Alberta, a 40+ year pro-business Conservative stronghold.

It's been a months-long gradual process of whittling away at federal Ndp support, esp. in Quebec where they had that sewn up, while pitting the Conservatives and Liberals against each other, while both are fairly similar entities, business-wise. Every mainstream media and polling outlet has been onboard with that objective. imho You cannot trust polls at all these days.

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An ad is an ad. They pay for a "read" and that's what they get. I've noticed a few stations play their caveat "...blah blah, does not represent of the opinion of the station blah blah" after the reads.

I have only heard reads from the Cons myself, which as an ardent anti-Con makes me wonder if I could do the read without making a "baaaaarf" noise after or during the read.

I know for sure that there is nothing untoward about doing it though. As TOMaple Laughs said above, it's all about the money.

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