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PGT: Canucks-3 Blues-4


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A little late in the end, but it was entertaining.

Loving the kids, Canner with his second. Hutton is an assist machine. Virt with the quality hits.

Edit: Is Vintage alive? Where is he? Inside the locker room tweets are given to us by him.

"We're a team that battles, credit for that, but we didn't have it tonight. We needed a better start" - Henrik Sedin #Canucks

"Too little, too late, but it shows the character of this team that we made it close in the end" - McCann #Canucks

"We dug too big a hole tonight. You get down 3-0 like that, it's tough. We didn't quit, made it interesting, but that's not enough" - Sutter

"We weren't at the best of our game until too late. Our power play had some great chances, it's tough when it's not going in" - Desjardins

Willie asked about inserting Weber for PP, says he's not unhappy with edler there, "but maybe that's a change we have to make" #Canucks

Edit: I'm just putting all the tweets that I see on my twitter timeline on my first post. My god, how does Vintage keep up with this stuff.

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In all honesty, if we play the same way we did tonight in every single loss this season, bring in the losses man.

If our team can put up an entertaining game even if the outcome was a loss, I'll be a happy chewbacca.

Great game, outcome wasn't exactly the best, but nevertheless an entertaining game.

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Good effort tonight, cant win them all.

Hutton looks like an absolute steal. McCann - what a shot, and had some good defensive plays tonight. Jake, looks physically ready but will need some work to be NHL ready in terms of defensive play.

Would love to see Bo and Virtanen together.

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Good push at the end. Vrbata needs to wake up.

He looks lost out there sometimes...not only that i think he is starting to lose confidence. Last year if he had some of the same opportunities they were buried with quickness and precision. This year looks like he is thinking too much.

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