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CTOI... BJ's, now TBay, Edm & Pitt

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Head this under, Current Team Of Interest, couple wks into season...


Last yr, I'd pegged CBJ to break out, & they were decimated with Oct/Nov injuries. The RyJo contract talks also served as an early distraction.


When they finally started getting bodies back, they ended the season as a league powerhouse(9-0-1). They seemed to be emerging(ala TBay, NYI's)


Now they start the yr, 0-6, & Bobrovsky's been brutal. Rumours the coach may go. Over at HFBoards, hearing the name TORTS bandied about! Must be getting desperate.


Probably there's been excitement & hoopla in that small market after acquiring Saad, & signing a bunch of 5, 6 yr deals(Foligno, Savard, Dubinsky, et al..).


Whole story seems pretty strange. What went wrong for these guys? Is it the 'Curse of Clarkson'?! Too early to be concerned, or might some heads roll?


Wonder if they might shop Rychel, or other talented prospects? Chi has already swooped in & pilfered some of their talent(Saad deal).


Should their GM stand pat, & ride this out? After last yr's start(something like 6 & 20), patience may not last.

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Their defense has completely collapsed and been absolutely dismal to start the year. Replacing the coach makes sense, and I've heard Torts mentioned, too, but it only makes sense if you're gonna get a coach who can make the team play with more intensity defensively—which Torts has done effectively in the past.

Their defense didn't lose much last year, but Letestu and Ansimov were good 2-way forwards..some of that should've been replaced with Saad though.

Their top 4 looks good on paper but has been horrible to start the year. Don't really know what the solution is, except for to coach change and maybe try adding a good veteran 2-way winger from a winning, mature environment to inject some change around attitude and intensity—like a Burrows type player, but not Burrows unless they wanna overpay ;).

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