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Feedback on the layout:

I like seeing the notifications on the homepage, as it helps to see whether people have commented on what I've said in threads/ statuses and it helps to keep discussions/ jokes going.

Also like how the page tells who and when someone posts so you can see what others are saying while you're writing (e.g. when posting in Proposal threads) and keep discussions going.

Thirdly, I like how the loading happens faster in this format.  In the older version, responses sometimes take 10 seconds to load, whereas now it's almost instantaneous.

Not such a big fan of the color scheme though, in that there's darker and lighter shades of the same color on the same sections of a page (e.g. the navy blue side bars and lighter blue section headings on the home page) which isn't the most comfortable on the eyes.  I preferred how it was before in that the colors didn't contrast so much.  

As well, call me picky but I like how in the old layout everything was pretty much in a neat rectangular layout on the homepage, whereas now the Featured section makes the other sections not look very nice when it's all just laid out like that.  Not that there's a functional problem but just wanted to give my $0.02 on how the page looks.

With that said, thanks to the team who updated the site for the hard work.  

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I use recent topics all the time, so I wouldn't want that removed.

I do still miss having the old setup for 'My Content' just as a list of topics I've posted in at some point based on their most recent posts though. The 'All Activity' only shows my recent posts (for each time I've posted), and not if the thread has been bumped since. Even the followed content section only works for threads I've actively asked to follow, and I didn't do that for many before the board change so I have to look to find threads sometimes (i.e. all the prospects threads, at least they're grouped together pretty easily) and that means going and looking in all the different subforums for new posts. I don't really want to follow threads either though as that means an email notification when there are posts (I've tried to turn that off for those threads).

And that multi-quote is still hit or miss. I see it in this thread, but I don't see it in any other threads I'm looking at now as well.

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My Content will be completely overhauled in the next update. Some points:

Discovery system that allows for both admin and user created Activity Streams

  • The main show-all stream automatically tells you when there is new activity
  • Users can create custom streams
  • User streams can be shared but viewer will only see content based on their permissions
  • Filter options include:
    • All content or specific apps. Some apps support further refinement into categories or content-type.
    • Unread content
    • Ownership
      • Content I posted in
      • Content I started
      • Content by specific members (user can create a list)
    • Content I follow
      • Areas I follow
      • Specific content I follow
      • Posted by members I follow
    •  Time Period
      • Any time
      • Since my last visit
      • Specified number of days
      • Specific date range
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I'm playing with the followed content again to see if the notification emails stay off (except I can't sort by last post!), but good to hear about the content section update. I'll be sure to play with that and see what it can do.


And thanks Templeton for the title change as well.

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Sorry to be a pest Stealth but is there any updates on the smilies regarding typing them  :)

I prefer to type instead of use drop down list

Typing seems to be hit and miss as to when they show up  :(

All smilies in this message are typed and I don't see them showing up   :huh: 


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Where is the Preview option before you commit to a post?

Am I missing something? All I see is a "Submit Reply" button.  Was this seen as superfluous? I don't know about anyone else but I find it much easier to see spelling and grammar mistakes if I can see the post how it will actually look first before I post it.


Also....more smilies!!!! Bananezorro.gifb0300.gifEyecrazy.gifbounce.gifflaggen09.gif

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So on the main forum page, on the "Recent Topics" sidebar - when I click one of the thread titles, it takes me to the most recent post, rather than the start of the thread. Is that intentional? Seems like it should take me to the first post, since typically I'm entering the thread for the first time.

Not a big deal, just a minor annoyance. Happens on both mobile and desktop.

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