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Hey, I'm having massive difficulties using the website at all on both my laptop and phone. They're loading super slow and they're loading in an incomplete form (everything is listed in bullet points down the side unproperly formatted. It took my about 20 minutes to be able to reply to this topic. Is there a way to fix this?

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It would be nice if we could have back the ability to remove our own comments from others' status updates--or at least the power to edit them after posting. This board's philosophy has never been to think before saying something, and I don't believe we should change that.

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Just in case it's useful to know, I've had no huge issues myself on either my laptop (Windows 7) or my desktop (Windows 10), both running Chrome. It has been a little bit slower than usual, but not to a painful degree. 

A note - I like the new option to automatically make bullet points in our posts, unless that was already there and I just never noticed it.

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@Tig'ol Bitties, @Fateless: Yup, same as for me and it's still happening. Home laptop/Work laptop/Mobile/Desktop/Chrome/IE/Default theme/New Canucks theme, doesn't matter (although the regular Default theme is much more basic). Something's up beyond just slowness and all that with some of our viewing experiences on the new board. @ajhockey: It was already there, either numbered or bullet point lists were an option. On the desktop version they were at least.

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And 'enter' doesn't work in simple text entry either
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I dunno if this was mentioned but is/will their be a way to insert other forms of media such as Youtube videos as well as a way to preview your post before submitting?

I was asking about a preview option yesterday, but I realized last night that there's an automatic live preview. If you copy/paste a youtube url or img url, wait a few seconds and it'll embed in the posting window. Still wouldn't mind a preview though, in the past a lot of images have shown up, but after preview/post there's a "that url isn't allowed" message.


also, my original user pic came back over night lol. wtf Trudeau, I expected change!?

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A request to those with loading problems:

Can you please inspect the source code and paste the links to the CSS and JS files? 

In Chrome you can do this by right clicking and selecting View Page  Source. All the info should be near the top of the file, and will look like this:

<link rel='stylesheet' href='//vancouvercanucks.invisionpowerser1.netdna-cdn.com/css_built_2/341e4a57816af3ba440d891ca87450ff_framework.css.9023fe82146b55a9c7a23b9359f7c9b8.css?v=e2c9e633df' media='all'>

Alternatively, you can copy all the code and upload a text file here. I'll turn on file uploads so that can happen.


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