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I tried to post a bunch of them like elvis did, along with some comments, but it appears as though my post came up blank... Does anyone else have the basic formatting problem with their posts being reduced to single line paragraph form no matter how many lists or new paragraphs you attempt to add? I;ve even had lines removed that I KNEW I wrote.

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My wishlist:

1. Add how many guests + members + anonymous (total users) are viewing a specific thread.

2. Add the total users viewing a specific forum. It's missing at the bottom of the page.

3. Add how many threads have been created in a specific forum. Right now, it only says the total amount of posts in a specific forum.

4. Bring back the two old options - 'Today's Top Posters' and 'Overall Top Posters', where 'Overall Top Posters' sorts members by post count, join date, name, etc. for easier access.

5. Have 'Recent Blogs' on the right panel instead of 'Popular Contributors'.

6. Have the 'Reply to this topic' option at the top of the page on mobile, like on the computer, so we don't have to scroll all the way down to make a post.

Wouldn't mind seeing join date without having to see a members profile.

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Getting there? BTW - takes 65 seconds to load a page for me. http://www.met.ca/images/cdc-issue-getting-there.gif

Weird. If you click this link, does it load instantly? (should be text/code)


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^ Stealth that link times out and does not load anything for this cowboy.

Ok, thanks. This seems to be some sort of CDN/DNS issue. For some reason a lot of people can't connect to the styling files, causing timeouts, slow loading and horrible aesthetics. 

This may slowly resolve as the DNS changes are propagated, but support is looking at it as well. 

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I tried that link Stealth - no go. " Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource (vancouvercanucks.invisionpowerser1.netdna-cdn.com) is not responding Detected Detected Contact your network administrator or Internet service provider (ISP) Completed Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (vancouvercanucks.invisionpowerser1.netdna-cdn.com). The computer or service you are trying to reach might be temporarily unavailable. " I can't seem to quote nor change the theme....

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Maybe not... 

It looks like some people are starting to get the full site back, so please be patient and keep updating here whether or not it's working for you.


Edited by StealthNuck
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