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Penalize turtling already, NHL


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So kudos to the NHL (if this is in fact true) that they won't suspend Nick Spaling for 'boarding' Nick Foligno:


But this raises the bigger issue of turtling (turning your back to a hit against the boards):


If you read the 2nd article I've linked, the comment is made that basically nothing 'bad' can come from turning your back to a hit against the boards:  Either you will protect the puck or draw a penalty.  This is absolutely ridiculous and infuriates me beyond belief.  We shouldn't be REWARDING players for putting themselves in dangerous situations.  Players should be forced to take hits like men against the boards.  If they don't want to be hit, they can dump the puck and create a turnover.

The NHL needs to start handing out turtling penalties for the EXACT play Foligno made.

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I thought this was going to be about turtling in fights, not turning your back away from the boards. 

On another note, I don't think this can be feasibly punished. There are too many scenarios during board play where it only makes sense to be in that position. Penalizing that would greatly limit the creative freedom of players on the boards. 

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