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He's Back! Tortorella Hired in Columbus

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Todd Richards out in CBJ. Torts in.


Negotiations with Tortorella began yesterday. Hired at approx 130 am today. VAN still paying a portion of his salary.


CLB is sending draft pick compensation to VAN as per NHL rules


Because Tortorella hired in-season, VAN gets a second-round pick


On the 2nd-round pick going to Van for Torts, the Jackets have until June 1 to decide if it's 2016, 2017 or 2018 pick


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Don't we get a 3rd round pick for this?

If so, best thing Torts ever did for us.

It is a 2nd if it is during the season I believe!



(Executive compensation) is going to come into play here with this offseason, the board of governors voted it last June but didn't quite have the language set up.

Well here is how it's going to work: if it's an offseason hire for either a president of hockey operations, a GM, or a head coach - it's a third round pick that goes the other way for a guy that's under contract. If it's an in-season hire then it's a second round pick, so you think most teams would wait.

For a coach the season ends as soon as his season ends, but for a GM or a president of hockey operations, the draft is the cut off line for in-season/off-season...

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