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(Proposal) Fantasy Future D-Core

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Alright, so the Ducks are in as good a position as anyone in the league to make a Cup run. They know that their time is running out, and they have to make good of this last run before they are forced to give HUGE upgrades to Vatanen (1.262) and Lindholm (ELC). Fowler, Lindholm and Vatanen are their young D-core, and take up space, especially on the left side. They are young enough to stay competitive in the short term and long term. This might take away a spot from Theodore. Not that they don't want him, but they won't lose too much sleep over losing him. Could a package like this interest them?


Higgins (30% retained)
2nd Round Pick 2016



Hamhuis will help any team he is traded to. Their D-core gets a big boost. With the Ducks, they get Fowler, Lindholm and Hamhuis playing the left side. They have the cap space to take on Hamhuis, with ~7 million in space. His contract also ends after this year, so they can still resign Lindholm and Vatanen. The reason they want the contract to expire is because Kesler's god awful extension kicks in next year, and he will be getting paid MORE. Their goalies' (Anderson and Khudobin) contracts both expire at the end of the year. They need to resign one of them and Gibson will come up again.

Baertschi is a forward with potential that would benefit greatly from playing with a guy like Getzlaf or Kesler. He might find his game while being protected by guys like that, and could be a top-6 guy for them in them in the future. Obviously, this depends on how he plays this year. If he can't make the jump, we might have to throw in Shinkaurik, which I REALLY don't want to do.

Higgins is a GREAT addition to any contending teams' bottom-6. Guy works hard, battles and is great on the penalty kill. We retain some salary to help with the cap problems mentioned above.

A 2nd Rounder is thrown in to sweeten the deal.

We receive Thompson/Horcoff to help with they're future cap troubles, and offset Higgins' salary. I would rather Horcoff because he is on and expiring deal, but we might not get the choice.

If this deal gets done, we could sign Hamhuis back in the summer. If we do this, then I would be open to trading Edler. We could move up into a good position on draft day, or acquire another young piece. I think we trade a package including him for a young, right-handed defenseman (Bowey, Pulock, or Honka). I think Pulock would be the easiest to pry away, so we could try something like:


3rd Round Pick 2016


The Islanders blue line is in a similar situation to the Ducks. With Boychuk and Hamonic likely on the right side playing top-4 minutes, there might not be room for Pulock to step into his desired role. However, their left side is not nearly as strong, and Edler would really round out their top-4.
Hansen is a 3rd line guy that you win with. His speed and tenacity would be a great fit in New York. They have BARELY have the space for Hansen AND Edler, but with Okposo most likely leaving, even more space will free up.
Jensen and the 3rd rounder are value adds. I think Jensen takes too much heat, and is still worth more than what people think. Not a HUGE amount, but still a but more.

That leaves us like this:





We get our future D-Core set. While we do lose some good players in Hansen and Higgins, we could sign some 3rd/4th liners in the offseason easily. If we trade Vrbata, we could get some roster players in return as well:

Sedin - Sedin - Sutter
Shinkaurik - Horvat - Burrows
Thompson/Horcoff - McCann - New Guy
Prust - Cracknell - Dorsett

Hamhuis - Tanev
Hutton - Bartkowski
Theodore - Pulock

This would immediately fix our prospect pool on D. Theodore and Pulock will be our top D pairing. I see this working out similarly to a Keith+Seabrook pairing, with Theodore skating around playing all three zones and Pulock being the big, steady physical presence. Behind them we would have Hutton and Subban. This is assuming Subban makes the jump. This would be an extremely mobile pair that can effectively move the puck. They both have great offensive instincts and can put more than their fair share of goals in the net. Our third pairing would consist of Briesbois and Pedan. I am confident in Briesbois making the jump to the NHL as a top-4 guy or a bottom pairing guy. Pedan I'm not so sure about, but I've been hearing great things about him and hopefully he can make the jump.
Theodore  -  Pulock
Hutton  -  Subban
Briesbois  -  Pedan
Looks like a great D-core for the upcoming Horvat era

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Big overpayments in both deals. I like Theodore and think we can get him cheaper than that, and I wouldn't mind Pulock but not anything involving Edler.
 How about this:


TO ANA: Hamhuis (some salary retained to make him fit) + Jensen (they like big forwards)

TO VAN: Theodore

Essentially a top-6 AHL forward for a top-2 AHL defenceman, to make up the difference we add in a year's worth of Hamhuis' value which I think makes it up. Theodore is wasted in Anaheim, they're stubborn and aren't going to play him over their kids. Hamhuis would be far more likely to get a sniff in that lineup and they might be tempted as it could help Bieksa's terrible play. They've seriously missed Beauchemin's veteran presence on the blueline and Bieksa simply isn't bringing it.


In the 2016-2017 off-season we'll be letting a lot of players go and getting around 20M in cap space to play with. I say we sign up a UFA top-6 scorer to fill Vbrata's boots, but more importantly a veteran right handed defenceman who can play solid stay at home minutes for all our slick puck moving lefties. Let Bartkowski go, he's been pretty brutal, and maybe keep Weber. Just keep one of the two to be our 7th defenceman

Sign one of Byfuglien, or a lefty who can play the right side like JM Liles, Kyle Quincey, Coburn or Polak. 3-4ish million to play 18ish minutes a night, or throw big bucks at Byfuglien in the ideal world in Winnipeg crash out.

2016-2017 Defence:

Edler - Byfuglien

Hutton - Tanev

Theodore - Sbisa




I know the R-L pairings aren't ideal but we need a stay at home guy and a puck mover on each pairing. Sbisa isn't the ideal shutdown righty (Corrado certainly would have been!!!) but hopefully he'd do well with a puck mover like Theodore. Over time, Hutton and Theodore challenge for the top left side pairing.

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why on earth would we trade edler and more for pulock geez massive overpayment. Dont get me wrong i like pulock but  edler would get us a first rounder a decent d prospect and a veteran player, hansen is worth a second  jensen a 4th  also ducks wont trade theodore for hamhuis hes old and garbage 

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