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Always liked Willie Mitchell as a player and even more as a person!  Good work for standing up for someone who is unable to stand up for herself!!!




An NHL star, originally from B.C., has stepped up to support a Vancouver Island teen who was "muzzled" after she spoke out against one of her soccer team's sponsors.

The captain of the Florida Panthers, Willie Mitchell, tweeted on Friday night he would sponsor 14-year-old Freyja Reed after she was told to stop protesting about the fish farming company who sponsors her soccer league.

Mitchell called Reed's case "outrageous" and said the ability to "speak up for what we believe in" is reason why it's a "privilege" to live in North America..........

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Hope CDC will indulge me as I muse about Willie Mitchell.

The Willie Mitchell that everyone thinks he is is even better in real life...my wife I got to know Willie and his wife Megan when we were living in Yaletown from 2009 to 2012.   Our dogs played together at George Waiborn Park and there was even an occasion the four of us, with our dogs, ran from the city dog catchers to avoid a $75 fine (or whatever the fine is) for having our dogs off leash in public areas.

In his words, Vancouver is home and always will be to him and his wife...and he was devastated that the Canucks wouldn't give him the term that LA gave him.  He may be one of the humblest and thoughtful people I have met...my wife and I were mingling with Willie and his wife and our dogs the night Rick Rypien died.  Willie was a King at the time but he got the call from the Canucks brethren and when he returned from the call, and even though he didn't say a word about the news that was about to break the next day, we knew something bad happened.  In a moment he could have said something, he honored Rick Rypien's family's privacy by excusing himself and his wife and headed back to their home with their dog.

I have cried for two players for winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in their careers - the first was for Steve Yzerman in 1997, who I played against in a hockey tournament as a 12 year old and got to know him when we were kids in 1977...the second was for Willie Mitchell when he won the Cup in 2012.  I hate the Kings with every fibre of my being, but I was so happy for Willie Mitchell, I couldn't help myself.

So, Willie standing up for the young girl as he did is entirely in line with his character. 

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I can see why the Company Marine Harvest would be upset. They dont just sponsor that team but the entire league. Its a serious deal. If my company put up money to sponsor a sports league and a member of that league then badmouthed our business I would be upset. 

 The mother and daughter were informed of the requirements of being on the team. They agreed to those requirements and then refuse to live by them. They wouldnt take down a Facebook page opposing Marine Harvest being a sponsor...What the hell did they expect Would come of that?

 Also willie Mitchell doesnt seem to understand the problem here. It isnt just about her. Its about the sponsorship of the entire league. She cant stay in the league if she is going to bad mouth its main sponsor regardless of whether Willie Mitchell wants to help her out or not unless he wants to take over the entire sponsorship of the league. I think not.

Yes, Hes a great guy and trying to help. She seems like a nice young woman who is passionate about her beliefs but shes going to have to make a decision.



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