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Johnny Gaudreau gets cheeeeeky with it


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I'm thinking he's as wide as he is tall, which makes it hard to take his body.  Plus, he finds space.  I do hate the guy though.  

he irks the hell out of me. cocky little guy. Did you see him hacking at Cowens leg after he got manhandled like a little kid? 

then mr pull ups Bennett comes charging in and hit the Ottawa guy and refused to drops the gloves. 


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Easier said then done. The kid might have to highest offensive hockey IQ in the league

Even harder to do when you're staring at your skates. That's kinda the point. If he looks up while Gaudreau is stationary he can just push him off the puck. It might be harder to do while Gaudreau is moving, but not in close quarters behind the net.

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