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Gaglardi closer to winning Cup than Aquilini


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LOL at the threads popping up around here lately...This one takes the cake.

The Canucks have made it to game 7 since the Aqs have taken over....How far has Dallas gone lately?

After watching the game the other night, there is no way that Dallas has the Defense to win a 7 game series past the second round.

Why do people on CDC feel the need to constantly bash management, coaches and pick one or two scapegoats from the players that die on the ice for us night after night... Strange crowd in Van.

They gotta put the British in British Columbia.

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Dallas has been even more impressive than Montreal has this year, only 2 points back of them with a game in hand and playing against far tougher teams than Montreal has faced.

But as we showed in 2011 being the best team in the regular season doesn't mean anything come playoff time

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