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You can't send Lowry and Derozan out there in key points, to take key shots, and make key plays, if they aren't playing like key players.


Casey is a horrible coach. Can't handle the flow of the game.

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3 minutes ago, the last outlaw said:

No wonder U.S. media isn't picking Raps or giving them any chance in this series.

I too had/have predicted them to lose this round.


But this game one shows me they match up well enough at the very least. Better than maybe I would have expected. Their real issue lies in their coaching and certain players movement and possessions with the ball. Cleaning that up, they could take the Heat on head to head, at least that's what I took away from this game. 


Put Carrol on Wade. Hammer home one on one defensive coverage so the poorer players don't get distracted and drift away so easily. Don't give Lowry and DeRozan the ball in a be all end all manner as if they're the star players that could only carry you.


Casey needs to stop being so up his own ass. Not good to have a coach who treats a round 1 victory like a championship. Not good to have a coach who can't make adjustments in-game, whether it comes to defensive coverage, or playing the hot hand when it needs to be played. He comes in with allotted minutes, and doesn't shift them unless something is so obvious it forces his hand. He usually leaves changes to after the game, and sometimes even then it takes him multiple games to do so (like with Scola's round one), or even an entire season of something not clicking.

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