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What's Jake's nickname?


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I have a feeling anybody born in the 80s or earlier cringes at the nickname "Big Country". And to think, one spot higher could have landed us Kevin Garnett. 

This is how his career ended:

"During preseason play in the fall of 2001, Reeves had experienced back pain and had to be taken off the court on two connected stretchers carried by eight of his teammates".

Such a fail. He was actually decent for a couple years, but between being massively overpaid and massively overweight he is perhaps the biggest disgrace of an athlete to play in our city not named Mark Messier. They were both active too the same time - rough years to be a Vancouver sports fan! The current generation is spoiled with the Canuck teams we've iced since 2001. 

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Well seeing as his teammates call him 'Big Country' ...No point calling him something else. Jake the quake/snake? Are we 12, jesus.

I do not like your idea of calling him jesus! Stop with your weird worship crap!

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