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Warcraft - Official Trailer


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Couldn't find another topic. Looks decent in parts, but also looks like they've tried to make it too mainstreamed and too 'hollywood', not as excited as I was but hopefully it turns out decent.



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WarCraft started dying for me when I slowly realized how I started to hate the RPG elements introduced in WarCraft III.

WarCraft died for me when World of WarCraft was released.

Which is epicly sad for me, considering how much WarCraft II meant to me in the '95-'98 era...

Really?  I love WC2 as a kid.... (playing online on a 56k modem, using free Netzero internet, playing on the Gamestorm server.... major lag.  Accidentally sent my only worker into the mines....  couldn't right-click him to stop for 5 minutes, lol).... but I still love WoW more... at least initially. 


Anywho, I think this movie will bomb.  Already, from the trailer the story is different from the original storyline.  Horde invaded Azeroth because of the manipulation of Kil'jaeden via Guldan and the Shadow Council..... plus tossing in the Medivh/Sageras aspect.  It shouldn't be a 2-sided tale of both factions technically neither right or wrong..... this is a demonic invasion.... the Horde (at this instance) is the evil group. 

Plus, how can you fit 3 RTS games (plus their expansions), a MMORPG games (plus their expansions), along with various novels, source materials and so on..... into movies?  They tried to do something similar with Dungeons and Dragons.... guess how that movie turned out. 

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