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[PGT] Canucks 2-3 Sabres


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People can blame certain players for that last play of the game, whether it be Bartkowski getting deked out by Ennis, Daniel making a bad pass leading to the breakout, or even Hutton screening Miller.

Really though, the Canucks were down 2-0. We're lucky that it was even 2-2 almost in OT. They should not have put themselves in that hole.

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Man, now I know how other fans feel when we the opposing team plays lights out and we still win. Wow does it make you feel $&!#ty.

I feel like my heart just got broken, I hate last minute goals. Shattered my heart. I feel bad for Miller.


Random note: If Buffalo doesn't screw up their management skills with future young guns, Buffalo is gonna be real good soon. 

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