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A story from Burke on drafting Linden in the 88 draft


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This is awesome!


On a side note... why do they cut of the testicles?

it helps us make sure only few can reproduce. You can't have Bulls everywhere humping everything. Pregnancy has to be planned so it happens in calving season. That plus you only want the big bulls having kids selective breeding  

Cow balls are called prairie oysters. 

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The key point to this story is the tests were going to be physical and character...

Trev proved both by his phone call.

Physical:  Imagine trying to hold down a young Bull calf while someone cuts its balls off.  If you don't know how much strength this takes, you've never been on a farm.

Character:  His Dad needs him for branding... when he could be going to the NHL testing... which choice does he make?  He fulfils his obligation to his Dad... but at the same time doesn't hesitate to phone Burke and say he can't make it.

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