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[GTD] Vancouver @ Ottawa 4:30pm Thursday, Nov, 12, 2015. SNV


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Just think..Vey is lurking.

Come on guys, isn't it about time to let Vey off the hook? Most of you got your wish, and he's not on the main team this year. But I don't understand why a number of you are still going after him, even though he's done nothing wrong so far. He wasn't NHL ready last season, that's all. He's no different than our other prospects, they're all fighting for a spot on the team. Blame Willie for trying to force him onto the team last season.

He's doing excellent in Utica right now, 2nd in points behind Shinkaruk. I for one hope he does well, and if he deserves a 2nd chance to crack a roster spot, then that's great. 

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