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[GTD] Vancouver @ Ottawa 4:30pm Thursday, Nov, 12, 2015. SNV


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Cheezburger fail japan home video fire extinguisher

Watch out Lady Senators, the Prust Thrust will be fully engaged!  Canucks ratchet it up another gear and the Sens wilt...

4-1 Canuck Hansen x4

Ottawa goal: Zeebandehijab (Assists: Stephen Harper, The whole Conservative Party)

Getting near game time!!!!!!  Bring it on!!!!!

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Not acceptable... I need him in my league. Jk he should rest if he needs to. Can yahoo plz DTD him tho so I can replace lol 

What kind of weak league allows you to reserve DTD players? I would lobby to get rid of that. Also get rid of same day pickups being allowed to play. Nothing worse than allowing owners to churn the WW daily to get a full lineup.

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