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(Proposal) Van-MTL

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Heard Bobby mac and the insiders say that MTL is looking to move tinordi and the asking price is a 2nd round pick.


To Van:

Jared Tinordi



Vancouver 2016 2nd round pick.


Another move to Kickstart youth and ultimately make room for hamuis to be traded at the deadline.


Tinordi is a big guy doesn't put up many points but is pretty sound in his own end. Basically taking a flyer on him like we did with baertschi. 



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Tinordi is still a young defensemen who needs to find his niche.  He is built to be a net clearing shot blocker type D man.  If he can improve his passing to exit the zones quicker and work on his foot speed and play well defensively he will have a productive career in the NHL.  Goalies and D-men can have it click in their mid to late twenties.  I'd offer them a 3rd rounder as there is no guarantee Jared will make the adjustment to the bigs.  

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Read it again bud

Hamhuis doesn't fill a need for Montreal. They already have 8 NHL defenceman in the roster. The team gives up a league lowest goals against while contributing to the offence.  On top of that Hanhuis doesn't fit with the speed game Montreal plays. 

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