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This is my first proposal thread I've ever actually made. Please go easy on me! *dresses himself in bubblewrap armour for the inevitable blow coming his way*


To Col: Edler, Gaunce

To Van: Duchene

So there is news that Roy does not like Duchene and that there's possibly some pressure on Sakic to trade Duchene away. Ideally, he'd like a solid defenceman, likely one a similar age to Duchene, coming back. However, with the extra pressure, other GMs might see this and Sakic might not get what he'd want, so he'd have to settle for 2nd best.

So here's where we come in: we dangle Edler, who's 29 and still has game left, and Gaunce, another young forward who could help Colorado defensively. We get Duchene, a young forward who could be a 1st liner for us as the Sedins retire.

I'd hate to see Edler AND Gaunce go (I even have a bit of a man-crush on Gaunce), but sometimes you have to give to get.

What do you guys think?

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