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NHLSL Sim League Looking for a new GM

NHLSL Commish

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Hello all,

Our league is stable and sims every night.  There is no worry that you will put time into it and then the league will fold.

We have a great group of GMs who are active and helpful.

Here is our portal: www.NHLSL.com
Here is out forum: www.NHLSL.com/forum

Here are some major points:
-Re-rates are based on NHL performance
-New GMs have trade reviews for the first bit to ensure they get a feel for league values before being left to their own devices
-We have a salary cap and contracts are based on a grid with the exception of UFA Extravaganza where there is a closed bid process
-We communicate via Skype messenger and PM on our forum

We look forward to some new blood in our ranks.

If you are interested, please sign up on our waiting list here: http://www.nhlsl.com/contact.php or email me at thedude_abides89@hotmail.com

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