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After hot start, we're 4-10


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The Canucks started hot out of the gate, going 3-0-1 against the Flames twice, then the Ducks and Kings. These were supposed to be the 3 best teams in the division, so there was some genuine excitement. However, we have since learned that there was something fundamentally wrong with the Flames and Ducks to start the year, so beating them was far from achievements. The Kings too were flat for the first few games, but have since picked it up in a big way.

But since then, we have gone 4-6-4 - which other than some loser points, is 4 wins and 10 losses.

Anaheim and Calgary are starting to pick up their play. San Jose and Arizona look like they are going to be competitive. And the much stronger Central is likely taking 5 both wildcards, so probably only 3 Pacific teams are making the playoffs. Based on the way things are going, the Canucks probably won't be one of them.

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I wouldn't panic because out of the 12 games we lost, almost all of them were 1 goal games where we had a legitimate chance to win.  6 of these were OT/SO losses.  In the beginning, Willie cost us those games by benching the young guns, but now it's more like bad luck.  For last night's game, we had 2 goals waived off, which is uncommon in one game.

Point is we are still holding a wildcard spot at the moment, and we can aren't outright having blow out losses.  Jets lost 7-0 last night as their 4th consecutive loss, as an aside.


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You can look at this different ways. From watching the games, it's obvious we are competitive and getting chances. Usually at least 40 mins a game we were the dominant team. Maybe a couple key breakdowns and missed chances skewed us to the losing column a bit more often than 'fair', but I remember a couple breaks for us too. All in all, this is a somewhat expected early-season rough patch as rookies gain some feels and lines are juggled as players earn their positions. 

This, with an average of 2 injuries per game, an under-sized and inexperienced D-corps, and yannick weber.


The main concern for me is that both the PP and PK have $&!# the bed at the same time, which accounts for not almost, but literally all the recent losses. This has to be addressed... we can scrape by with a good pk and bad pp, but then your pp has goals against far more than goals for, were lucky to make OT as much as we did.

Also, 3 on 3 is a crapshoot.

Considering this, I'd say that a rough patch record of 4-6-6 isn't bad, it's loss management while kinks are worked out. Sure there were some gimme's we gave up, but we just gotta focus on the details, the rest will follow.

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Did anyone really expect them to be a playoff team, or even in the top 3rd of the league? If they did, they better give their head a shake. Management can spin this any way they want, truth is they are in a re-buil right now. The veterans are getting older, are declining (skating) and the prospects are not up to speed yet.

By the time this year is over, they will be a bottom 3rd club, which is where they should be at this point and in 2 or three years we'll see how well they have drafted and developed their prospects.

Expecting anymore than this is just not realistic. 

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Theres a few of those losses where it was a flukey bounce that made the difference in games we were winning..

ovi's shot that was stickchecked by tanev where the puck fluttered up and over miller and went cross bar and in with 3 mins remaining.

detroits two flukey goals, one that went off a stick, fluttered off millers glove and shoulder and then went in off sbisas stick as he swung at it to keep it out.

Daniels chip shot that went over the net from a foot out that would have been the difference maker instead of going to OT and losing.

not to mention how many times in OT we hit the post or crossbar and then it goes down into our end once end they score on an oddman rush.

we have faced some hot goaltending, hit some posts or crossbars, had some bad bounces and some poor turnovers but we have still kept almost every game to 1 goal aside from last nights game which i didnt get to see but thats just hockey and how the bounces go sometimes... from the highlights i am sure Glad i didnt see the ridiculous no goal calls and the lack of GTI on miller on that 4th goal or the insane ammount of penalties we had. Or the noncalls against TO Anywho....

We are atleast managing our losses, getting atleast a single point in losses against our own division or losing to teams outside the division or conference. CGY, EDM, PHX, ANA, SJS, LAK are all losing the 4pt games that really matter and we are atleast keeping pace with LAK and PHX.

CGY has a stacked blueline and they cant even keep the puck out of the back of their net. The are ranked dead last in goals against (67) goal differential (-23) and GAA (3.72). THEY HAVE ALLOWED MORE GOALS ALL YEAR THAN COLUMBUS WHO STARTED OFF 0-8.

ANA has been struggling to score goals, they are having a serious problem putting the puck in net and its almost 1/4 through the season and they are expected to contend for the cup??

Then there is other teams around the league who are struggling aswell

Chicago is .500, NYI are .600, Pittsburgh who went and acquired Kessel cant score on the PP with the star studded cast they have on their first line PP should have no excuses. Crosby is having troubles scoring and hes only 29 and supposed to be the best player in the world. Sedins are 35 and just under a point per game.

The team is going through a bit of a rut right now but they are still finding the back of the net and keeping games within reach. The team is completely fine, we are supposed to have low expectations this year as it is a transitional year and almost every expert says we probably wont make the playoffs. We fix the PP and we arent losing those one goal games anymore, so everyone just kick back and relax, either support this team and stop ridiculing the coach and the vets, or go find a new team.

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Well. At least the pacific division looks weak thus far so even if the Canucks play mediocre hockey all season there's still a chance at getting in. I'm sure the Canucks will sort out their issues and start winning games again. I'm glad these issues are happening early in the season and gives them plenty of time to iron them out. If they don't and this trend continues all season I won't be disappointed in missing the playoffs and securing a good draft pick.  Next season will be the one where we all see the young guys elevate their games and the the Canucks will be a legitimate threat in the Pacific again. 

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I kinda figured that their record was going to drop sooner or later. For the first month they over achieved a little bit. The Canucks were always pencilled in as a team that would probably miss the playoffs. Not necessarily a bad thing if they do. That being said almost every team in the Pacific went through a slump and it seems the Canucks are going through theirs right now. As long as they are not giving up, I can live with the losing. 

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