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[PGT] Another loss...now 7-7-6


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Not panic mode but something has to change. Boring seeing vets getting 5+ minutes more icetime than the youngsters. Either play the young guys more (which Willie hesitates to do) or make some sort of move. 

Pathetic the players leave the goalies hanging almost every game. Always in it, goalie makes huge saves, but they just don't capitalize and eventually give way, ending up losing when they could win majority of the game.


PS, please get Hamonic early for Christmas. 

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Grenier and Baertschi have the 2nd and 3rd most shots on the Canucks tonight and have had 1 and 3 shifts respectively in the 3rd.

How many times did the #Canucks win a draw only to lose the draw? Missed opportunities killed em in the first.

sedins not even looking at tanev, what exactly is the point here

(on the powerplay)

No one is getting it done.  Coaching staff and players need a wake up call...scratch that...having a 1-4-2 in 7 games road stretch should be one.  But of course it's a process and we "were good" sometimes.  BS

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