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Highschool: Hated it or loved it?

Mainly Mattias

Highschool: Hated it or loved it?  

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Hey, we all have opinions on how highschool was, no?

Anyone join a gang or get voted valedictorian? Join drama club, debate club or play on the basketball team?

The early grades were filled with angst and dark thoughts but 10-12 were great for me.  Some good memories: band, welding, watching monty python at lunch.  Some not so great memories:  PE and math (so sucked at trig and calculus).

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'twas alright. It has a heckuva lot better than middle school though. I made some awesome friends that I still have today. Loved being in Band class and joining the Jazz band as well. I wish I'd have done more sports though.

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1 hour ago, Shift-4 said:

Last two years were pretty good.

Had a job so I had money. Basketball captain, Student Council president, good grades, well respected. Life was pretty good............but oh how I wish I knew then what I know now.

Lucky you

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