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GDT: Around the NHL Weekend of November (21-22) 2015

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SAT, NOV 21, 2015

7:00 PM ET    Toronto Maple Leafs@Boston Bruins

7:00 PM ET     Philadelphia Flyers@Ottawa Senators

7:00 PM ET     Anaheim Ducks@Tampa Bay Lightning

7:00 PM ET     New York Rangers@Florida Panthers

7:00 PM ET     San Jose Sharks@Pittsburgh Penguins

7:00 PM ET     Colorado Avalanche@Washington Capitals

7:00 PM ET     Arizona Coyotes@Winnipeg Jets

8:00 PM ET     Detroit Red Wings@St. Louis Blues

8:00 PM ET      Buffalo Sabres@Dallas Stars

8:00 PM ET      Nashville Predators@Minnesota Wild

10:00 PM ET    Chicago Blackhawks@Vancouver Canucks


SUN, NOV 22, 2015

1:00 PM ET     Los Angeles Kings@Carolina Hurricanes

5:00 PM ET     San Jose Sharks@Columbus Blue Jackets

7:00 PM ET     New York Islanders@Montreal Canadiens

10:00 PM ET   New Jersey Devils@Vancouver Canucks

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3 minutes ago, debluvscanucks said:

WTH is this buffoon talking about?  "Just like the Sedins in the SCF, nothing changes".   So the game is Leafs/Boston...leave the Canucks out of it.

It's funny how every year at about this time when the Leafs are still in the playoff hunt, their fans try and trash the Canucks.

And every year they crash and burn.

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10 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

Ducks losing.  Ex-Canucks being pissy. ::D 

I think Murray is realizing that mixing guys who have been bitter rivals for years together on one team might not be the best idea. The lack of chemistry on that team right now is glaring.

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13 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Hockey night in Canada still showing clips from 4 and a half years ago of Marchand and the Sedins.

If they wanna show old Bruins clip, show the Leafs melting down and blowing a 3 goal lead against them in game 7.

And there's another one about Bergeron...

CBC gets worse by the game.

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