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Jannik "Stone Hands" Hansen


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Hansen has always had the finger pointed at him for not having the finish around the net for the number of chances he has.

This year he is definitely proving the doubters wrong, he is taking advantage of his time with the Sedins.

He'll never be as good a goalscorer as Burr was when #14 had his wheels, but he brings a physicality and of course that amazing speed... although he doesn't have the acceleration he used to.

Overall a good adaption by our favourite Great Dane. 

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4 minutes ago, Shift-4 said:

I have loved him all along. He never disappoints!

How can anyone ever be disappointed with his effort and compete level :) 

Me too, Shifty.  Never have wavered from that because he is one of those guys who's so exciting to watch and causes chaos.  Fast, gritty in that he doesn't back away and so focused.  He and Burr get that never say die determination thing going and it can change games.  Sedins too (duh, but that's a given).  Guys will go through periods where they do have hands of stone and fight the puck so patience can be required.  We have an immediate gratification crowd at times.

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Hansen is the most undervalued player on this team. I've loved him from the start with his never give up attitude in his play. He is a truly rare find and honestly deserves a raise with the amount of effort he puts on the ice game in and game out. The unsung hero of the Vancouver Canucks.

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Always defended Hansen on this board without wavering—he's so fast (did you see him against Keith last game?), one of the premier-level forecheckers in the game and the best the Canucks have had since he entered the NHL, able to play all 4 lines because of his work ethic and ability to read the play, not to mention both wings if needed.

I remember a few years ago, an article came out saying how Hansen was the best-practice-player, but wasn't always putting up points at game time, but he does when he is given the opportunity and it's also because of him that pucks stay out of the Canucks net. 

Guy is on pace for his first 20 goal season, I hope he gets the opportunity to hit it!

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35 minutes ago, oldnews said:

Only the dumb dumbs don't realize how stellar Janni is.






and a gaggle of CDC nancies.

This.... deserves +10. 

Has been so annoying to hear the trade Hansen for a third bla bla bla...

The boy is flying, and plays wherever the coach deside, with whom ever the coach deside and always makes the lines better.

No coincidence both Kenins and Horvat played so well last year, when they were playing on same line as Hansen. Eat $&!# haters...

PS. Great video Drew...


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I've been a fan since his call-up for the Anaheim series in 2007, mostly because of that speed and tenacity on the forecheck.  Still going strong 9 yrs. later.  It makes a huge difference to have a right shot with the Sedins, one who can get in on the forecheck and retrieve pucks but also has the smarts to cycle with them.  He absolutely belongs there for now but this guy improves every line that he's on.  A clear part of the core on this team.

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