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Will Henrik get 1000 points by the end of 2015-2016 season?


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It'll be interesting to see whether or not they can become 1-2 in points by a Swede. Mats Sundin still stands first at 1349 points, Henrik's 413 points away.

If Henrik scores at 0.8 points per game for the rest of this season (pretty modest assumption), then say 0.7 PPG in the next two seasons, then 0.5 PPG in the next two seasons before retiring, he'll hit add an extra 250 points.

Hopefully the twins will be good enough to top Alfredsson's 1157 points before they retire (I'm guessing around 38-40 years old), but I don't think they'll be able to eclipse Sundin. Kind of fitting though, they were drafted 2nd and 3rd and will finish 2nd and 3rd (but in opposite order).

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15 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Unfortunately I foresee him STUCK on 999 points. Last few seconds of the last reg season tilt, he'll whiff on an empty net('tender pulled) & shank it off the post.

Then of course, next summer WW3 gets underway...

Yikes. are you a prophet?

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