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A year since Pat left us..


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It was a year ago  we lost a friend, a mentor and a coach. We will never forget what you meant to our city and this country. More importantly we will never forget the right way to play the game. "Players don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."
-Pat Quinn


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For a moment, Quinn had forgotten where he was and what he had done the night before, and he thought it might be his final mistake.

Quinn was a rookie with the Toronto Maple Leafs, and death threats or no death threats, was expected to fetch the beer for the bus ride. He did what was expected.

Down the street from the Garden, a sportsbar was overflowing with Bruin fans, hard-nosed .Bostonians who had been at the game and been angry the great Orr had not played. And the man responsible stepped through the front door - through their front door and into their bar.

Quinn edged through the crowd toward the bartender when a shout came from behind him.

“Hey, it’s Quinn! It’s Quinn!”

The big rookie froze. How could he have been so stupid, so careless? He looked for an escape route. No chance. People were wedged six deep around him. In the tense silence, he waited for the first fist, or bottle or worse.

A hand came at him, but instead of going for Quinn’s granite jaw, landed squarely on his back. Then another.

“Nice hit, Patty boy. Nice hit.”

The men around him smiled, and Quinn felt blessed to be Irish-Catholic in an Irish-Catholic town.

“On the house,” the bartender said.

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pat was a hard nosed, honest effort player...along with kurtenback, they gave those early canuck year

s fans, something to hold onto and enjoy...i would have loved to have seen, the scrap between pat and orland at practise back when...pat was as tough as nails and i have never heard of kurtenback, ever losing a fight...pat was a great player, coach and mentor to others....

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