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Beleskey Questionable Hit on Stepan (Broken Ribs) BONUS: Viggy vs Fatso

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On the hit on Stepan: it's pretty apparent that Beleskey made a push towards Stepan after Stepan moved the puck forward. Beleskey could have just as easily pushed in the direction of the puck instead of moving towards Stepan. The hit seems quite avoildable looking at that gif.

On Henrik's "dive": I don't think that gif shows enough to rule either way. At least it doesn't to me.

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11 minutes ago, Pears said:

If anyone should get suspended it's Ratchand for that headshot on the King. Beleskey's wasn't that bad IMO. 

If one guy gets suspended and the other guy is out injured so be it.  Guys must learn TO NOT hit to the head, unless they are bare knuckle fighting of course. ^_^

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Lundqvist should be suspended 1 game for diving. Marchand would never do such thing as to purposefully skate through the goalie's head.

Stepan 4 games for not bracing himself for the hit, oh wait, broken rib you say? He can serve his suspension during the 1st round of the playoffs.

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