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[PGT] Canucks 2, Stars 3


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Dank goal #uno


Hank goal #dos


- a near come from behind victory when down after 40! At least we got the 1 point

- Miller playing Godly

- Sedin's on a role, something ridiculous like in on 70% of goals the last handful of games...great but need secondary support

- 1-7 on the PP was pretty pathetic :lol:


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I want to be positive and talk about how we came back and got a point, and how Miller played good in the 3rd, but the bottom line is this is just another loser point and a loss.

To make things worse, Dallas and their fans are rapidly becoming our biggest rivals. For some reason I can't figure out, Dallas fans seem to:

1) Hate the Canucks more than anyone else

2) Be obsessed with the Sedins

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THey could have played better.  A little sloppy on the offense and an aggressive Dallas defense and penalty Kill kept the game close.  Niemi was just good especially on that game saving stop in OT. 

A point well deserved thanks to the Twins who again lead by example.

Onto the next game.  Try to get at least a point in every game this road trip!!!

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I know WD makes some weird moves, but you guys thinking that we should be winning more games than we are, why? This teams defensive depth is pretty brutal. Bartkowski and Weber on good teams are 7th Dmen at best. Offence can only do so much.

Albeit Sutter isn't playing which would help the second line, but people get real here...

Should've/Could've won that game. Oh well...

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