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2016 WJHC Pool - League Is Full


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4 minutes ago, AriGold said:


Defense is average, you have 3 awesome guys in my opinion and you have 3 below average guys.. (Dont want to name names)

Your offense is pretty good just a little thin up the middle after Matthews.

I do like Halverson though, he doesnt have a great record right now but he plays on a bad team.

I expect he will put on a show this year...

Yeah don't want to name anyone but I like our projected top pair, scared after that lol

Definitely thin up the middle after our projected top two centers, but we have a ton of winger depth

Halverson looked good last year but this tournament is about getting hot at the right time and I dont know if he can flip the switch that quick from being in a bad situation in the OHL. Nedeljkovic could end up being the starter 

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3 hours ago, AriGold said:


Wow.. WTF dude, why did you sign up ?

Last league I put you in.

oh nice ..shows what a classy guy you are

i was into this the past 2 years and i liked it  but i realized that i dont have time for this  right now ... so sorry ...but good to know 


keep it on and good luck 


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