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Canucks @ Kings. 7:30 PM PST on SNP


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The Canucks, losers of 10 of their last 12 games look to return to the battle for a playoff spot after getting run over by the Ducks last night.

Virtanen is out, but his absence will not be a factor, any big AHL player can fill the role that the coach has him playing.

The Ducks owned the Canucks physically, psychologically and spiritually. Will the Kings do any less to this broken and bruised group that played less than 24 hours ago?

The team's management successfully got the media to deflect the reasons for the loss and placed the conversation on two players who are not expected to be the scoring threats of the team. Like good soldiers they followed their orders, get paid the millions to take the flack and/or do their job on the ice. Remember, this team can hardly stop a PP lately so the orders of not to get penalties weighs heaviest upon the Nucks two middle weights to be very careful of retaliation penalties, which every fan, commentator and REFEREE were looking for. 

The Kings have a guy that wants to play in his home town, the kid is one of the best nuclear deterrents in the league but the brain trust of this team decided that he was too ......whatever, the reasoning for not doing a deal was lost after watching the Ducks rag doll the Nucks AND he scores as well, Lucic, 7g, 7A, 14 pts.

The Kings have two cup rings due to the boldness of their management to make trades that brought in top six players, while one is now gone the other is still a corner stone 6 years later. But they have two rings.

I haven't posted much on the game here, even though this is a game thread and this post may come across as being negative, but it is the way it is right now.

Beaten and bruised, the Sedins are likely to pull this team up on their backs......again and surprise the Kings, just because just about all the odds would be against a rebound victory.

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Nice one. You're realistic, not negative.

I have faith in the Sedins and Hansen doing everything in their power to make a difference, but with the rest of the team semi catatonic, a win will be hard to come by.

The defense will again be played like a cheap fiddle, with Edler passing to the opposition, Tanev getting laid out, and Sbisa the only marginal difference maker on the back end.

Markstrom along with the Sedins clearly offer this team the best chance to win right now. But I feel for Markstrom. He must get depressed looking at the sad state of the defensive corps in front of him.

Hopefully Prust and Dorsett are done their manicures and actually show up tonight, instead of merely collecting a paycheque. Although don't count on Prust showing up as sticking up for those lazy kids is becoming a hassle for him.

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2 minutes ago, Weise Army said:

Chris Tanev is questionable for tonights game with an undisclosed injury. We could see Biega or Pedan in the lineup in his place tonight. Personally I would like to see both.

Awesome! Biega and Pedan must play tonight, if the Canucks hope to weather this storm at all.

If Desjardins puts out Weber again, it's quite clear that some sort of stealth tank is in play.

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2 minutes ago, Weise Army said:

Higgins isn't practicing, so it is possible they are just using him there in practice while they await for a call-up. I wonder if higgy is injured or possibly even traded. I hope to see Pedan debut soon, whether it is at forward or on defense.

Higgins took a massive hit last night from Ritchie, slammed his head off the glass big time.

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