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[Prediction] year end roster

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Hello all, well the season is going pretty much how I thought it would, the team is right in the middle of transitioning the core out and attempting to develop it's young guns. I believe J.B. has hit a home run with the Kesler deal, McCann could be a #1 Center for this team. Bonino and Forsling + a second gave us Sutter whom will make a very good 2nd Center and Sbisa an ok #5-6 DMan.  With that said J.B. will need to pull off a couple of more deals this year to continue this transition. Some of the "Core" still have good value especially through the eyes of other teams. For example, Winnipeg desperately needs a #1 LHS defender, and they also need to get something for Ladd and Big Buff.

Deal #1:

Ladd (29years old) local boy, 6'3" 200lbs, 175hits, 25goals + J.Trouba (21 years old) RHD, 6'2" 200lbs, 100 hits pending UFA


A.Edler(29 years old)

this deal serves both sides as now Winnipeg has their #1 LD to play with T.Myers. Also , they can move Big Buff for Hammonic and Winnipegs D looks excellent.

Now because we traded away our #1 LD we'll need to find a suitable guy, but why settle for suitable? Let's upgrade and find a guy that can actually command a powerplay.

Deal #2:

Yandle(29 years old) a true quaterback on the PP. pending UFA- resign for 6.5mil/4years


Burrows(AV loves this guy) + NYI 1st rounder(2016)


Deal #3:

NYI 1st(2016) 20th-25th overall



Islanders are a legit contender in the East and will be looking to upgrade their D, with guys like Leddy, Hamhuis, Buff, Boychuck and De Hann they're definately on the right track.

Deal #4

Ottawa's 1st(2016) 17th-21st overall



This deal only happens if Vrbata gets it going, otherwise he'll go for a 2nd(2016)


New  look lines:

Sedin      Sedin      Sutter

Ladd      McCann  Hansen

Baertschi  Horvat   Virtanen

Prust     Cracknel    Dorsett

Yandle    Tanev

Hutton    Trouba

Sbisa   Bartkowski


Flame away.... 



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I'd have to read it to flame, but first things first as you've forgotten tags.

EDIT: went back to read it, and wow, no need to get past that first deal to see the flames building higher than I expected. Edler will not get us Trouba, let alone him and Ladd!


EDIT#2: I should just stop reading. But they already have Enstrom for their top left D position even if they could use more depth. And the rumours have been out there for some time that the Islanders won't accept Byfuglien for Hamonic. Then you trade a 1st rounder we don't even have yet (and won't get for Hamhuis - they don't need him with Leddy and DeHaan already in their top 4 left side) in another terrible deal. And finally, you pick out one of the teams that probably doesn't want Vrbata when they already have Ryan and Stone on their right side.


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1st trade: Winnipeg laughs in our face (there's reports of Winnipeg not even wanting Harmonic for Trouba)

2nd trade: Again, probably not enough for Yandle if it's NYI's 1st, unless if it's at the end of the season and just for his rights. Also, Hamhuis is not worth a 1st rounder, so it would have to be our own 1st rounder.

3rd trade: NYI says thanks but no thanks....

4th: Vrbata has lower trade value with his lack of production. We might be able to get a 2nd for him at best I think, unless if we got really lucky.

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