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[Proposa] Claim Steve Moses?

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Leading KHL scorer and current Nashville Predator Steve Moses is currently on Unconditional Waivers.

SOURCE: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/predators-place-steve-moses-on-unconditional-waivers/

With the Canucks in need of secondary scoring, would taking a crack at Steve Moses be worth it? I think so.

He's been a proven goal scorer outside of the NHL. Having racked up goals in the KHL (obviously) and even this season in the AHL (8 points in 16 games). The Canucks are currently experiencing the drought of all droughts when it comes to goal scoring and getting a free asset like Steve Moses, who is a low risk/high reward pickup, seems like something the Canucks could gamble on... especially with Virtanen being injured and Baertschi cycling through the lineup in a very "Vey" way. 

The downside, however, in my mind is twofold. One -- Moses is small. He's barely 5'9", so he'd have to play on the third line at minimum to be maximumly utilized. Second -- Moses has no NHL experience. He didn't make the Predators out of training camp. And third (and lastly) -- Him asking for an unconditional release to return to Russia this early into the season signals a guy who wouldn't be happy if he gets sent down later in the year (even if it could potentially bolster Utica).

Those negatives aside, the Canucks really don't have a ton of options outside of a rental trade to bolster their secondary scoring and a gamble on Steve Moses wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. Worst comes to worst, they put him on Unconditional Waivers later in the season. It should also be noted that the Canucks have a couple of extra contract slots (one having been freed up by Corrado being claimed on waivers) so he could be claimed and it wouldn't affect much.


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I think, if we're looking to get a replacement for Sutter and get secondary scoring, we need a proven NHL goal-scorer and not another prospect.

The fact that Moses didn't make Nashville's training camp sets alarms off for me. He could easily just be a plug while filling a spot that would give Virtanen and Baertschi less games to develop. I say no thanks as a result.

However, I guess we'll see if he gets claimed. ;)

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