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[Speculation] Malkin/Staal brothers swap?

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4 hours ago, TheRussianRocket. said:

No way Pens trade Malkin, he's their MVP.


Quality > Quantity


Always said Malkin > Sid . This swap would be absolutely asinine from the Pens pov. Two struggling brothers , one on the major decline and UFA for one of the best players in the game . Sounds legit

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4 hours ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

The want a center.  They get a super star and still have Josi, Ekholm, ellis and Jones in their top 4.  PLus in the short term they'd be saving money.  I can't even take credit for this.  It was brought up on NHL radio today.  

I think the only reason that trade hasn't happened yet is because Pittsburgh would have 0 center depth behind Crosby after. That's the kind of deal I'd look at making in at the draft/during the offseason. 

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Just as a minor random thought: with Malkin and Stamkos in the rumour mills. If we had the choice to sign either, I'd probably pick Stamkos as he's younger and would have a better chance of staying with the team longer I think.

Again, just a random thought with only a slight similarity to this thread. lol

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Can't see it, even if the Penguins GM goes for it, Lemieux would put a stop to it. Rutherford needs to just bute the bullet and get realize that the coach he has doesn't fit with the personalities in his team. And to get a better backend, after Letang the penguins have nothing and Letang is made of glass. Why does the Penguins need the Stall brothers? Eric is not going to produce like Malkin in the second line, Bonino is arguably playing better than Jordan.  

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45 minutes ago, guntrix said:

For a player that is considered one of the better two-way players in the league, Staal has a pretty overrated plus minus.

You'd have to be crazy to trade Malkin for him. Even for both Staal brothers is a stretch. 

I just don't get why you use only +/- to judge a player defensively.

A player could have a -30 on the year and have nothing to do with the 30 more goals scored against. 

Meanwhile a player who is a +8 could be responsible for 20 GA he just happened to get 28 points. 

+/- alone very rarely tells the whole story.

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Perhaps then Malks pulls a Kovy, & scoots back to Russia, absolving the 'Canes of any LT-commitment?

Have a feeling they're setting up a garage sale, & then they'll move to somewhere that possibly(?) needs hockey(team sale & transfer).

Overall economy ain't what it used to be. If BOG can't justify expansion, maybe this way Battman gets his LV pet-project.

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I could see the pens trade Malkin but it's a pretty big stretch. You have to ask yourself what centers in the NHL would you take before Malkin and the list is pretty damn short. 

Maybe Crosby, but that's even debatable because Malkin out plays him in Pittsburgh a lot of the time too. 



Kopitar maybe.

Tavares maybe.

McDavid maybe. He may not end up being any better than Malkin but he is younger. 


The value coming back for Malkin would have to be huge. Like a top player and a very high pick or very high value prospect. Or a Swap for another elite player at a different position like Webber or Keith.



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