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[PGT] Bruins 4, Canucks nil


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When your team is down like this GM's do not throw life lines, they throw anvils. Not in a position of power to make a move right now. If we do it would be playing from a position of weakness and we would get screwed. Much better to just suck it up, keep on playing like sh!t, wait until the deadline and then move any assets that we can.

And then pray to god that we don't get screwed by the draft lottery.

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Something needs to change. Whether it be a coaching change, a veteran trade or something else I don't care but there is clearly something wrong with this team.

Or, just admit to tanking and send McCann and Virtanen to the WJC then Jr. and give Hutton a year to develop in Utica. Losing night in night out probably isn't going to help them (even though they all are capable of playing in the NHL)

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Just now, Adamth said:

thank god Maybe its time to make BIG changes....and SMARTER ones no excuses for losing...


If this is how the team performs in a "must win" scenario then there's issues bigger than just injuries.

Credit to Boston, they played a stellar game. I personally laughed and wrote them off when their new GM made some major changes to their fairly young core. Now they're the ones laughing.

Now that I'm done blowing Boston, I need to say something about our team. Torts was right all along. The core is stale. 

Take a hard look at our team and realize that key players need to perform when it matters most. That, unfortunately, does not include Vrbata or Hamhuis. I wanted us to keep at least one, but there's no point anymore.

This year isn't our year. The UFA market is good next year. 

Give the roster a decent toss up and see how that goes.

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